Writers Retreats

Monthly URBAN Retreat


We've all been there. You want to write. You really do.  And you dream of sitting on a sun-drenched Tuscan balcony, inspiration and fine wine flowing as you compose your opus maximus.

But there are bills to pay. There is washing up and cleaning to do. And the day job. And people to see. When do we ever get TIME to write?

But these are really just excuses. And you know that, don't you?  That's where we come in. Come and join us for just one Saturday a month for an Urban Writers Retreat. And be inspired, because our retreat is in cool Fitzrovia in Central London - in the Writers and Artist's Bar of the pub where Dylan Thomas drank. Near where Anthony Burgess was inspired to write 'Clockwork Orange'. Next to George Orwell's favourite boozer and the Prole’s Pub from ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’!  Pretty impressive, eh?

It's inspiring for us and we think it might be for you too! So join us for a bit of writerly 'tough love' from 11am (not too early - we're writers after all!) 'till 5pm - when the Literary Pub Crawl starts! There will be lots of power points for laptops. Regular soft drinks and tea and coffee.  We have old and new iPad chargers and a couple of spare iPad keyboards. And best of all, there's no wi-fi and the phone signal is not very good. So do the research before you come. Our day is all about writing! And never forget, after we finish, if you don't fancy the Literary Pub Crawl, there's the bar upstairs for a natter and catch-up.

Most of the retreats will be hosted by Nick Hennegan, our writer. A light sandwich lunch will be provided and we'll have some exercise books around if you need inspiration. But this is not a sharing or a writers group. It's for you to get your head down, forget the world and leave tired but satisfied on a writers high! There are no rules apart from that. And to force you to REALLY commit to allowing yourself time to write and attend EVERY month, there's a discount if you book for six months at once. And a bigger discount for 12 months.

You know you want to...!

We are also planning 3 and 6 day writers retreats in London, Wales, Stratford-upon-Avon and Ireland in 2016. Please Contact us for details - writers @ mavericktheatre.co.uk.

The London Writers Urban Retreat.

All retreats are all in Fitzrovia, London W1 

from 11am - 5pm. Book here.  Full details will be sent with your booking.

6 and 12 months subscriptions available as Gift Certificates.