Press Reviews

Here is a small selection of Maverick's reviews and press articles over the years. 

Double click on the articles to increase their size for easier reading. More to follow as they are digitised. And thanks to all the publications involved.

1. Artistic Director Nick Hennegan's first ever review, 1992, pre-Maverick. For Henry V - Lion of England at Edinburgh Not a bad start, eh...?

3. Maverick's first ever review was in Plays and Players magazine. 1994.
Again, double click to read.

5. And this from Stratford-upon-Avon.  Co-produced with Almost Perfect Productions and the Birmingham Stage Company

7.  Maverick created a new idea of producing theatre - the Peoples Company. A unique Pro-Am workshop production, it proved very successful both with the participants and with the press as these reviews show.

2. The first ever Maverick Theatre newsletter, 1994. The front page of an 8 page offering - almost a magazine.  And certainly pre-email!

4. Henry V - LOE's first outing with Michael Shaw. 
Stratford-upon-Avon, 1995


6. When Sir Derek Jacobi agreed to be involved with Hamlet it was big news.