Peoples Company

The hottest theatre idea in town - have a go at classic theatre! 
Maverick created a new idea of producing theatre - the Peoples Company. A unique Pro-Am cooperation, it proved very successful both with the participants and with the press. Income from the production goes to pay for workshops with top international practitioners. There are no auditions - anyone can get involved - and it's not just actors, but backstage, producers, designers, sound, lights, costume, chaperones and set build, design and paint! Everyone gets training from professional practitioners.  And it's all free!  All you need is a desire to help make a play and get involved.

Pictures below from Birmingham Peoples Company, See pdf at bottom of page for bigger view of press reviews. (Open and double click)

And the Chiswick Peoples Company 'Scratch Shakespeare' 2011, with Sheila Hancock and Jeremy Vine.

Nick Hennegan,
13 May 2011, 04:34