Chiswick Peoples Company meeting

posted 29 Jun 2011, 05:53 by Nick Hennegan
We are meeting tonight  29 June - to talk about the start of the Chiswick Peoples Theatre Company, a 'Scratch Shakespeare' for the Chiswick Summer Fair on 9th July and a potential full production later in the year.

I'm delighted Sheila Hancock is going to get us up and running at the fair. (There's something quite quaint about a Summer Fair...!)

The meeting tonight is for anyone who has any interest in making theatre at any level - so it's not just actors, but directors, producers, set designers, builders, administrators, front of house, marketing and fundraising, etc. The idea for the People's Company is that there will be no fees paid, but everyone will get to workshop with top professional talent in their field.

The company can only be as good as its members, so please spread the word!  The only qualification you need is a desire to make good theatre, improve your skills and have a bit of fun! All are welcome! There are some pics of the Birmingham Peoples Company from a few years ago on our website

We're also looking for a rehearsal space too for a couple of nights next week if you know anywhere that might help.

If you can't make tonight but are still keen, just email.  We'll be getting together next week in Chiswick.  Thanks very much and hope to see you later.

The George lV, 185 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London W4 2DR.  020 8994 4624