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Maverick News of a special one-off performance of a classic and an award for our Nick Hennegan

Hey!  I've made TWO new arts websites in TWO days!  Oops!  Hang on.  Back to business...

The Maverick Theatre Company 
presents a special production of

'A Christmas Carol by Candlelight'.

Starring Guy Masterson.  Friday 23rd December only! 
7.30pm.  The Fitzrovia Chapel, 2 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF
'Writers of Fitzrovia' Tour starts 6pm at The Wheatsheaf Pub, Fitzrovia, W1.
Write a new Radio Play or Comedy -
Hello Chum,

Well!  Two new websites in two days!  The term 'busy pauper' comes to mind...
First new website, finished today -  If you're not feeling festive enough yet, I urge you to snap up the remaining tickets for our special performance of the Charles Dickens' classic at the historic Fitzrovia Chapel next to Charles' two-time London home!  The Chapel is fresh from a £3million renovation and we're using an original Dickens performance script.  I'm so pleased that the Olivier award legend that is Guy Masterson has agreed to be Charles Dickens.  It's also the first time in a decade that I've directed, so it'll be special all round.  I met Guy in Edinburgh. Guy is a fan of Dylan Thomas and was introduced to the Welsh Wizard by his Uncle.  Richard Burton.  Yes... THE Richard Burton!
Guy is also doing his own performance of 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' and other Dylan works at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Fitzrovia on Sat Dec 17th or Wed 21st at 7.30. Tickets are £10.  If you'd like to go, email me and I'll reserve you a ticket at the door.
Guy has won numerous awards and years ago I won a Sony Award, a sort of Radio Oscar.   I know how powerful radio can be, so SECOND website is  We've launched a competition to find a new radio play or comedy.  We're going to shortlist four new works and record a public reading at OPEN Ealing, an arts consortium in, well.. Ealing in London.  DON'T WORRY IF YOU'RE NOT IN LONDON!  Out-of-towners will be Skyped. We shall record the plays and discussion and broadcast it on Art Station, Resonance 104.4FM. The audience will select their favourite from the four and we shall professionally record and broadcast the entire winning play.
Ding Dong!  If you're looking for a special Literary Gift, check out our London Literary Pub Crawl Gift Vouchers!  They're valid for 2 years! And if you know a writer, check out some of our gift ideas too!
Thank you so much for your support in the past. Please let me know if you have any feedback on... anything!  I think the Christmas Carol will be a very special event and I look forward to seeing you.
Nick. x
Nick Hennegan
Artistic Director and most other things.
Nick Hennegan won a bursary from The Society of London Theatre's Stage One organisation. It was for the London Literary Pub Crawl.  There are still tickets left for CHRISTMAS EVE - 24th December - with FREE Mince Pies, yo, ho, ho! Join us for Christmas. And if you have more than 8 people, you can book an exclusive tour at any time on any day of the year. Great for Office. Hen and Stag Parties!
Tickets, HERE.

If you are interested in how to make Theatre and Events, see our Workshops in January and February too.  "An M.A. in a day..."
Buy your tickets Here »
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News Letter


Feb 2016
A Shiny New App, Shareholder Cash and A Shakespeare Party! 🍺

I'm blaming dry January for not being in touch so far in 2016. Sorry. (It wasn't dry for me, actually, but young Maddy of Soho might buy that excuse.  If you're a regular you know she likes good, constant newsletter from us. So Happy New Year!)

It's Shakespeare's 450th Birthday!

To celebrate we're going to throw a Big Birthday Bash around the Bard's London Parts!  It's part tour, part performance and we visit some truly remarkable spaces. 
It's on Saturday 23 April, and I thought I'd let you know first as tickets are limited and are sure to sell out. I hope you can come along. 
 We'll party like its 1599!

And talking of Cool People...

The London Literary Pub Crawl has grown from a one-off London Olympic attraction I wrote at Uni, to performing every week last year.  You may have been on it.  And thanks if you have. 
It's been popular from the start and I want to turn our weekly show into a seven days a week operation.  So with our lovely new showbiz accountants and a few tricks from the West End, we're going to raise some money to increase our profile. In true Maverick style, we've set  up a limited company where you could become a shareholder in the company!  
Cameron Macintosh, the most successful theatre producer in the world, invested in the pilot so I'm hopeful we'll find the £70k odd we'll need to become a high profile London event.  Let me know if you might be interested and I'll send more deets. You're under no obligation of course,  and remember, investments can be risky.  But for now,

We're about to launch an app! Check out the Beta version!  If you are a business and would like to offer special discounts, get in touch

Love and manly hugs,

Nick x  
Creative Producer. Maverick and Literary London.


Saturday 12 March11am-6PM

About Section
About Maverick Theatre

Maverick is a registered charity with a mission to increase access to the performing arts for new audiences and artists. The London Literary Pub Crawl is a weekly celebration of writers and artists in Soho and Fitzrovia, London.

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Autumn Events in London. And Spreadsheets. Our Friends.

12 October, 2015
I should be writing here more often, but to be honest, running Maverick Theatre in our 21st year and the London Literary Pub Crawl takes a chunk of time.  We've done incredibly well with the Lit Crawl over our first year or so, but I've decided we could do much better, so we've set up a company outside of Maverick and we're  looking to raise £30k for marketing.  It'll make us a real attraction in London and my Chinese actors stand poised, ready to go!

But we're writers, not accountants.  Fortunately I've found a brilliant accountant who is able to frame my terms of reference in accounting speak and if the banks don't want to play ball our financials look strong enough to attract private investors.  I have to keep reminding myself.  "Spreadsheets are my friends. Spreadsheets are my friends..." Repeat often.

That aside, if you are in London at the moment, you picked a good time.  Head over to The South Bank for their Literary Festival.  This year’s festival will include a four-day live reading of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick(1-4 Oct). The first ever live reading of the novel in the UK, the reading is presented by The Special Relationship and Southbank Centre specially for this year’s festival. The event will feature 160 ten minute readings by actors, writers, comedians and special guests including Melville’s great, great, great granddaughter and novelist Liza Klaussmann, Chibundu Onuzo and A L Kennedy.

Another exclusive event will include the world premiere of The Hollow of the Hand, the début collaborative book by the Grammy Award and Mercury Prize winning PJ Harvey and celebrated photographer Seamus Murphy. Featuring words and images collected during a series of journeys to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington D.C. between 2011 and 2014, the event will present poetry readings and new songs performed by PJ Harvey alongside images and a short film by Seamus Murphy (9 & 10 October).

The event I'm most excited about though, is Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam in conversation with a special guest (to be announced) (7 Oct). Discussing Terry’s life, career, art and the broader question of creativity, the event will focus on Terry’s latest memoir, Gilliamesque: A Pre-Posthumous Memoir, which is due to be published this October. Terry’s only book appearance in the UK this year, the event will track his vivid and unorthodox career from Monty Python to his role directing English National Opera’s Faust in 2011.  I grew up watching Monty Python.  I'm going to see if I can get Terry on my radio show Literary London every Friday on Resonance 104.4FM and Podcast on this site.  But he's a bit of a hero and you know what they say about meeting heroes.  I did once nearly tread on Terry Jones' foot at a party though.  So maybe I'm qualified.

Never mind heroes.  Spreadsheets are my friend.

Posted by Nick Hennegan on Thursday, May 29, 2014



I was in the Twelve Bar on Denmark Street in Soho with Filmaker Andy.  He used to be MyLodger Andy, then VanDriver Andy and now he's FilmMaker Andy. Of course he was always FilmMaker Andy, it's just that none of us, including Andy, realised it for some years.


Then in shimmies Maddy, shaking her Soho stack at the boys in the pool room. Tonight is a charity night with some very smart comical and musical talent.  It's a fund-raiser for the uber-cool London Arts radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM.  It's like BBC4 on steroids.  You need a Phd just to listen.  Get it?  It's cool. Very London. Very cool.


Head Resonance FM guy is there.  Of course Maddy knows him. (And her twin sister, Maddie. Thanks for noticing in the last newsletter by the way! You know who you are! x)


So Maddy slinks up to Head Radio Guy in the 12 Bar and fixes him with her baby blues.  I think he visibly melts.

"See him?" She nods in my direction. "Not only is he doing great chops with Dickens, Thomas, Woolf and London Lit generally, he was nominated for a Creative Briton gong and won a Sony Radio Award a few years ago. You know what that is? Its like a radio Oscar. So give him a gig.  And do it now, because it'll be good."


Head radio guy smiles at me and I smile back.  "Right", says Maddy, swings on her hips and heads for the door.  "Newsletter," she throws over her shoulder at me.  She passes the pool hall and the boys stop playing, distracted by her cacophony of hips, lips and blonde hair. "Don't take your eyes of your balls, boys," she purrs and is gone into the night.



I think that's how it happened anyway.  It might be the same noir influence of the first newsletter. But I'm on Resonance 104.4 FM. Listen in on Fridays 7-8pm. Repeated Weds morning 7-8am. Arts Radio is good!  This week we’re doing a request show. If you’d like a poem or a passage read out, drop me a quick line or Tweet @NHennegan. We play music too if you’d like a song.


If you are a fan of Dylan Thomas listen to me first show again as a podcast. (And watch the brilliant 'Poet in New York' exec produced by our own Griff Rhys Jones on BBC i-player if you missed it)



The Radio show is also on Soundcloud.   And if you are not in London, you can find it here next Friday. Or Weds morning. Don’t forget to send in a request for this week.


We've sold out!


Not creatively, artistically or financially (damn it!). But a year or so ago I was sitting in the bar of the Fitzroy Tavern, in Fitzrovia, London- Fitzrovia the area was named after the PUB! How cool is London! I was with Andy Filmaker (see above and below) looking at the pictures on the wall of Dylan Thomas, George Orwell, et al and thinking... there must be some stories here.  And there were! So we now have a three hour, two actor promenade theatre performance every Saturday around the streets of Soho and Fitzrovia. And guess what, kids.  It's sold out till August!  So we're adding extra shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm AND an extra Saturday matinee show at 1pm.  What larks Pip!  


See here -

And finally... I'm really proud of my mate Andy Lodger/Driver/Filmaker mentioned above.  He crashed at my place in Birmingham for a few years, a few years ago. We literally were so poor at one time that we ate nothing but noodles and drank tea for 2 weeks. Think 'Withnail and I' without the drugs or the Welsh holiday.  (Uncle Monty is a story for another time!)  Andy helped out with the Maverick pub theatre in Brum and moved to London for love. 


So it’s great his first feature film script, 'Peterman' has just been made, starring, amongst others, Alison Steadman.  And his next script, 'Das Weekend' is with some heavyweight Hollywood film people.  Andy is going to direct it as well.  Here's Andy's 'mood' film for 'Das Weekend' - a short series of extracts that gives you the 'feel' of how the feature film will be.  I've read the script and some of the characters are fantastic! Oh, be warned though - it'll probably attract an 18 rating!


Thanks so much for your feedback on this newsletter last time.  Keep it coming. I love to hear from you.  And don’t forget to email or tweet a request for this weeks radio show.  And if you are involved in anyway with the literary scene in London, please let me know.  Bookclub, festival, events, favourite music to write to, new book... anything.  


I'll ask Maddy too…


Love/theatrical hugs,






Nick Hennegan.

Artistic Director, Producer, Tea-boy and Maddy’s Chum.

Writers Retreats: We move into publishing: Dylan Thomas: Become a shareholder in the London Literary Pub Crawl.
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Writers Retreat! New Books! 

It's been a busy few months...!

So how was your summer? I had a bit of an odd one. But I want to tell you about -

  •   Our first BOOKS
  •   Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
  •   The London Literary Pub Crawl and how you can buy a bit of the action!

The big news is that we are finally starting our 
Saturday, 28th September, 2013.  11am - 5pm.
Then every last Saturday of the month.
The Fitzroy Tavern, Charlotte Street, London W1.

Tickets £35 - HERE

I've been on a few and think it's a very funky idea.  See here for details. We've also got DISCOUNTS for booking 6 or 12 days. See our new shop HERE.

In addition, the other mahoosive news is that I am delighted to report Maverick now has not one, but TWO books almost ready to release.

I'd like you to consider buying an advanced copy to help us fund the publishing. In return we'll invite you to the launch parties! Pre-order your special copy and tickets HERE.

The first book is Confessions of a Brummie Boy. (Or should that be Brummy...?) by the late Norman Raybone. More details below.

'Confessions of a Brummie Boy' is a memoir written by the late Norman Raybone.  Norman was born in Birmingham in 1914.  At the age of 82, urged on by his eldest son, Norman took computer lessons so he could write his memoir.  It gives a unique insight into life in Birmingham and England during a remarkable century. Rarely do the working-class have a voice. Norman's is funny, candid and strangely moving.

He wanted Maverick Theatre to have the book in recognition of the charity's work attracting new audiences to the performing arts.

Pre-ordering the book now HERE will fund the development of the print copy, due to be released later this year. It will also be released as an e-book.  

As an added thank you for your support, you will be invited to the Maverick Theatre launch event parties, in Birmingham and London in early 2014, with Norman Raybone's family.

The second book is How to Make a Crisis Out of A Drama, by.. er... me!  And some others who've worked and been involved with Maverick. The 'Mavererbook' is for you if you've ever seen a film or a play. Or worked in theatre. Or remember Princess Di! Or, of course, ever came to a Maverick Production.


Preorder the books today and get a FREE launch party ticket in Birmingham and London.  Again, there are a few more details below.


Maverick Theatre is 20 years old in 2014. In 1997 founder and Artistic Director Nick Hennegan kept a diary for four months of Maverick Theatre life. It includes casting and creating the award-winning play A Ghost of a Chance, staring Paul Henry (forever to be know as Benny from ITV's Crossroads) and 13 year old Justyn Luke Towler. It also includes three other productions, the death of a Princess, how to live in poverty but still occassionally get drunk, why bother with art and isn't theatre sometimes a real bitch! It also included numbers of famous and not-so-famous people. 

The 'diary' sold out in 1997 and is being brought up-to-date this year. It includes messages and reminicences from others who worked with Maverick. It also includes Nick's latest project, The London Literary Pub Crawl and a brief insight into Dracula, a 'concept album' with Robb Williams planned for next year.

Writen with humour and sympathy, it will appeal to anyone who has ever worked in theatre, knows someone who does, or who has been to see a play or a film. Oh yes, and those who remember Princess Diana.

Nick tells the warts-and-all story of Maverick Theatre's award-winning work attracting new audiences to the performing arts.

Pre-ordering the book HERE now will fund the development of the print copy, due to be released early next year. It will also be released as an e-book.  

As an additional thank you for your support, you will recieve a signed copy of the book and an invitation to the Maverick Theatre launch event parties, in Birmingham and London in early 2014. 

Under Milk Wood
 by Dylan Thomas.
It's happening early November and it's going to be BIG! We're talking to Eastenders, The Bill'ers, Holby City and a few others! Discount tickets £15 here.   

Become a shareholder in the London Literary Pub Crawl. E-mail for details. Why not book a tour for Christmas HERE.


Dracula. Kickstarter coming soon?

It's all about diaries, loves! The Maverbook, Dracula, Confessions of a Brummie boy...

I'd love to hear from you.



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7th May, 2013.



Incredibly, next year will be Maverick Theatre's 20th Birthday. To celebrate we are arranging a number of events and happenings, one of which is the publication of a MaverBook - a book containing collections of peoples Maverick memories and experiences.

The basis of it will be my 1997 production journal, How To Make A Crises Out Of A Drama, which we came across this year and have managed to scan. It's a stream of consciousness diary about the making of our new play A Ghost of A Chance and six months of Maverick life.

Ghost won the Guinness Award through the Royal National Theatre and premiered at the Billesley in 1997 with Paul Henry, Justyn Luke-Towler and good ol' Slater as the voice of the entity.

The diary also talks about working with kids, Derek Jacobi, Princess Diana, the new internet thingy, Stage 2 youth theatre, the Birmingham Rep, the USA, Chelsea Arts Club and RADA, the problems we came across, the parties we went to and the triumphs and tragedies of running a theatre company.

But to complete the book we really need your memories too.  It doesn't matter if you've just met us through the Literary Pub Crawl.  Or if you acted with us. Or you volunteered. Or if you came to see one of our productions at the Billesley Pub over the years.  It would be great to include your memories and comments, good or bad, however small.

Just jot your memories and/or photos down in an email and send them to

It can be just a sentence or a complete chapter. It can talk about a particular show or just what you were up to and how you felt then. Nothing is too small and I would LOVE to hear from you whether you are in New York or the New Billesley.

Don't worry about not being a writer. We'll help with that and you will have full approval before your writings go into the book.

The book will be available directly from us or on Amazon (and maybe one or two classier book shops!) and be both in e-book form and hard copy, depending on the photos and what you send us. (And if we can find a sponsor!)

Please get involved. Maverick has always been about access and this is a great chance for us to publish a book with the widest possible involvement.

Feel free to spread this email around too if you get a chance. I realise its a bit odd, a theatre company publishing a book, but that's why we're called Maverick!


Investors... we have started a new summer season of the London Literary Pub Crawl.  We're looking to issue units (like shares) to raise money through a commercial company. Investing in theatre is very risky but if you'd like any further information, please drop me a quick e-mail and I can tell you more.

Writers... we are going to be arranging Writers Retreats in Birmingham and London. To start with they will be daily Urban retreats, but if you are interested, again, drop us a quick email.

Dracula... Yes, from the creators of Henry V - Lion of England (er... that's me and Robb Williams actually) comes an audio production of a classic tale. An album with bite (see what I did there?) is expected Summer 2014.

Join our free email list for details of all the stuff we are doin'.



7 May, 2013.



"And get down the Pub this Valentine's Night"

The St Valentine’s Day 
Literary Pub Crawls.

London’s Literary Pub Crawl is a guided performance of the Pubs and Clubs of Fitzrovia and Soho used by writers and artists, presented by the late Charles Dickens and the late Virginia Woolf. We get romantic for Valentine's Day weekend, as the tour will feature some beautiful poetry and sonnets... with free Chocolate and Love Hearts!

Thursday 14th February, 2013 at 6.30pm
Saturday 16th February, 2013 at 5pm.
Fitzrovia, London, W1.

Thursday - approx 9pm.
Saturday - approx 7pm in Soho. Then a pub sing-a-long!
(Then every Thursday and Saturday throughout the year.)

Tickets: £18.  Advance booking essential.
Secure online booking at -

The (Christmas) London Literary Pub Crawl.
Celebrate Christmas 2012 in style!
Saturday 15th & 22nd December, at 5pm
Thursday 20th December, 6.30pm

"Highly enjoyable, off the beaten track pub tour..."  

Hello chums! Join the late Charles Dickens, the late Virginia Woolf and the... er ... current Nick Hennegan for a fascinating look at the pubs, clubs and taverns that inspired generations of writers... and still do. These final performances of the 2012 tour starts and ends in a pub and is in three parts...
ACT ONE - We meet in Fitzrovia, near Goodge Street Tube, in a pub frequented by numerous writers.  After a quick pub quiz, Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens introduce us to other writers. We see Dylan Thomas proposing to his wife. We go to the boozer where Anthony Burgess was attacked by a knife gang before he wrote 'A Clockwork Orange' and meet the cowardly landlord and his famous dog. We see the proles pub from George Orwell's '1984' and the pub where Karl Marx used to speak. 

ACT TWO - Nick Hennegan, writer and Artistic Director of Maverick, takes us over Oxford Street into Soho and shows us a Beatle's office, pubs where Brendan Behan drank and threw up, three of the top media members clubs in the world and introduces us to Jeffrey Bernard. We also pass where television was first invented, the site of a brutal bombing and the 2i's - the home of British Rock and Roll - and visit a pub that only serves half pints and bans mobile phones! We'll check out 'A Soho Garden', 'Tygers' and 'Land of Hope and Glory'!

ACT THREE - Our tour finishes at a pub in Soho, but not quite!  Meet Ebenezer Scrooge and then join the young Mr Jeramiah (He'll tell you when you know him well enough to use his first name!) round the piano for an old fashioned  Cockney Edwardian Christmas sing-a-long! (Saturdays only)

TICKETS are £18 from the Literary Pub Crawl website and expected to sell quickly. Spaces are limited.

FANCY A NIGHT ON/IN THE TOWN? We are also able to book hotel rooms, from £90, and restaurant reservations. Email for details.

SPECIAL OFFER to Maverick Supporters.  Book tour tickets before 1st December and save!  Tickets booked through the Maverick website here are just £10.
Meeting details sent with bookings,

BOOK YOUR OWN TOUR! Parties of ten or more can book their own date and time for a tour. Ideal for a works outing or a special night with friends.

We hope to see you in December! But if not, have a very Merry Christmas, from all of us at Maverick.


Santa's Little Maverick Theatre Elf



June 2012

It's a big summer for London...
The Maverick TheatreLiterary Pub Crawl is launched!
 (Oh, yes and there's some Olympic and Jubilee things happening too...)

 Hello Chum,
As you may know, Maverick won acclaim for its work attracting new audiences to theatre by putting on contemporary classics and new works in pubs in Brum.
We're also history fans and have recently discovered a love of London. 
So guess what? We've combined all these passions to create THE LONDON LITERARY PUB CRAWL.  Amazingly it's the first time this has happened. It's based around Fitzrovia and Soho and will look at the pubs and haunts that inspired generations of artists, including such luminaries as Karl Marx, Casanova, Canaletto, William Blake, Isaac Newton, Virginia Woolfe, T.S Eliot, Dr Johnson and the great composers Haydn and Mozart. And the pub Brendan Behan (a personal favourite) used regularly and where George Orwell used to swing by for a last sup on the way home.

But staying bang up to date we are also checking out some of the current haunts of the UK film industryincluding the top media clubs and little known pubs where the current hot writers hang out.
I can exclusively reveal that after the support of Sheila Hancock last year, the late Charles Dickens has agreed to come back from the dead to help us with the presentation. Very kind of him.
I'm talking to some really exciting artists too about creating something unique.

 A mix of traditional theatre, street theatre and guided tour, I hope it may prove popular and unique. To test the concept we decided to try and compete with the Olympics so we go live on Saturday 25th July at 3pm and for the following five weeks.
Its going to be great fun, I hope. If you've been around Maverick for a while you may remember we producedJeffrey Barnard Is Unwell in Birmingham.  We visit the actual pub where that was set, although sadly, Norman, the real life landlord has now retired. But did you know Private Eye occasionally hold their lunches there? And to get to the dining room you have to go behind the bar. Reminds me of the early days at the Billesley when we all had to traipse through the kitchen, past the freezers...!

It's been a varied year for Maverick so far, withTeechers, Henry V - Lion of England and the drama ofPALS. But I hope this will be a new and exciting project for us - and if it works and is supported, it might transorm our fortunes.

Check out our new, dedicated Pub Crawl website HERE.


Nick Hennegan
Artistic Director, Creative Producer and Teaboy.


21st July, 2012
3pm - 6pm

The first LITERARY PUB CRAWL starts in Central London.

28th July, 2012
3pm - 6pm

The second LITERARY PUB CRAWL starts in London. Then every Saturday 'till...

18th August 2012
3pm - 6pm

Final Literary Pub Crawl. Probably...

Every Saturday

As a supporter of Maverick, book online anytime in June and get a FREE beer, wine or soft drink on us.  And buy 10 tickets and get one FREE!

About Section

Maverick is a registered charity launched by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham in 1994, dedicated to increasing access to the performing arts and now working in London too.

20th Anniversary Production

The first chance in London to see the critically acclaimed show that gave rise to the Maverick Theatre Company.  And to celebrate William Shakespeare's birthday (AND ST GEORGE'S DAY!) we are presenting the show in a pub - the George IV on Chiswick High Road in London W4 - where Shakespeare's theatre started.

First performed 20 years ago at the mac in Birmingham, Nick Hennegan's adaptation of Shakespeare's classic has been critically acclaimed around the world.

For these special shows, Ed Morris plays Chorus and Robb Williams will perform his original musical score live.

Tickets from ONLY £5 - 1992 PRICES!

April 2012
25th 26th




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Maverick Theatre Company c/o 33a Prebend Mansions Chiswick High Road London, England W4 2LU 

Christmas may be on the way, but our thoughts are all focused on 2012.

Times are hard and we all need an affordable laugh, so Maverick is once more going down the pub - this time in London.

My first production and the one that lead to the formation of Maverick was John Godber's 'Teechers' at the mac. It was 20 years ago!  (Really. Can you believe that!!!)  So 'Teechers' will be the first show in London. Tickets are now available securely through our website at

We're going to have a bit of a bash after 'Teechers'  too, to mark 20 years. It's all very exciting!

If you book a ticket for ANY of the Maverick shows at the George IV Pub before Christmas (24 Dec) you'll receive a FREE invite for two people to the after show party in London on 2nd February 2012. 

(Auditions - We're casting for 'Teechers' next week.  We've a talented new director for 'Teechers,' who comes to us before he begins work at the Young Vic. We're also looking for a physical director for 'PALS' and starting LAMDA courses in the new year I'll put details on the website.)
We're looking to raise £2k to help touring to the Midlands. If you know of any business or individuals that might like to help us, please get in touch. 

Here's the Press Release we're sending out. It gives details of some of the other plays we are working on, including a People's Company version of Shakespeare's Henry V. If you'd like to work on it, email me.

Here we go again, then!  Please spread the word!  I hope you can join us in 2012.

Award-winning Birmingham company to begin Comedy Theatre productions in London
Chiswick and Ickenham are the first venues in new, 400 year old touring circuit!
Birmingham’s Maverick Theatre Company is to begin producing theatre in London for the first time in its nearly 20 year history.
Artistic Director Nick Hennegan launched Maverick’s first season in London. Initially productions will be staged in Chiswick and Ickenham, but the company is looking for pubs and venues in the East, North and South of the capital to add to their new touring circuit.  
“It will be a new, accessible touring circuit, although Shakespeare’s companies had similar ideas 300 years ago!” said Hennegan. “Maverick has always been about access. Every month in Chiswick, forget the telly for a night, come down the pub and see a show. No retakes, no going back again. Just professional actors and great, funny scripts.”
The company enjoyed critical and audience success in Birmingham with their contemporary classics winning numerous Arts Awards, including the Guinness Award through the Royal National Theatre. Productions grew from two-night to three week runs, every six weeks at their Billesley pub home. The company has also toured the UK and the USA and has worked with the likes of R.A.D.A., Sir Derek Jacobi and Sheila Hancock.
The first season includes the 20th anniversary of Maverick’s first production, John Godber’s Teechers; a revival of the Maverick hit comedy, P.A.L.S.; a large-scale People’s Company, pro/am production of Shakespeare's Henry V and Rav & Juliet - a new comedy inspired by the Olympics.
The initial productions will be performed at the George IV Pub on Chiswick High Road, London W4 and at The Compass Theatre in Ickenham. Both venues are easily reached by tube and public transport. 
Tickets and further information from Phone: 020 8582 7506. 
Also follow @MaverickTheatre on Twitter and on Facebook.
TEECHERS -  20th anniversary show. 
1st and 2nd Feb 2012. 
George IV, 185 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2DR
PALS - see the hit Brummie comedy.  
1 March 2012, Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, Uxbridge, UB10 8PD
Box Office 01895 673200. 
7-8th March at The George IV, 185 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2DR
Henry V - People's Company.
St George’s Day! 25 & 25th April 2012.
The George IV, 185 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2DR
Rav and Juliet - PREMIERE  of the story of two star-crossed publicans!
22 July, 2012.
The Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, Uxbridge, UB10 8PD
Box Office 01895 673200.

Creative Producers Workshop 31 March 2012.

Happy Christmas - give Pub Crawl Gift Vouchers!

posted 17 Dec 2013, 20:03 by Nick Hennegan

The perfect gift for him or her, celebrate the characters of literature with a vellum, posted Gift Voucher. See our London Literary Pub Crawl site for details - click HERE

Valentine's Crawl.

posted 14 Mar 2013, 13:00 by Nick Hennegan



"And get down the Pub this Valentine's Night"

The St Valentine’s Day 
Literary Pub Crawls.

London’s Literary Pub Crawl is a guided performance of the Pubs and Clubs of Fitzrovia and Soho used by writers and artists, presented by the late Charles Dickens and the late Virginia Woolf. We get romantic for Valentine's Day weekend, as the tour will feature some beautiful poetry and sonnets... with free Chocolate and Love Hearts!

Thursday 14th February, 2013 at 6.30pm
Saturday 16th February, 2013 at 5pm.
Fitzrovia, London, W1.

Thursday - approx 9pm.
Saturday - approx 7pm in Soho. Then a pub sing-a-long!
(Then every Thursday and Saturday throughout the year.)

Tickets: £18.  Advance booking essential.
Secure online booking at -

Christmas with Charles Dickens... and Virginia... and others

posted 20 Nov 2012, 06:04 by Nick Hennegan   [ updated 12 Dec 2013, 08:48 ]

Our Literary Pub Crawl has enjoyed early critical success so we're presenting three special Christmas outings, again presented by Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf, but introducing new characters. It should be magical! More details on this site or see  SEE HERE

London, Literature and the Arts!

posted 10 May 2012, 00:20 by Nick Hennegan

We're currently preparing for our most daring venture yet - the London Literary Pub Crawl.  We want to have it up and running in time for the Olympics. Watch this space.  Or actually, see our special website,  

Henry V - Lion of England

posted 28 Mar 2012, 07:33 by Nick Hennegan

Tickets now on sale for the critically acclaimed production. Although its been seen throughout the UK, Ireland and in the USA this is its FIRST showing in LONDON. And true to Maverick's roots, it's in a pub!

'Teechers' Tickets now on sale

posted 21 Nov 2011, 19:21 by Nick Hennegan   [ updated 7 Dec 2011, 17:27 ]

With TWO FREE tickets to celebrate Maverick's 20th Birthday with all tickets bought become Xmas. See Tickets.

Literary Pub Crawl

posted 12 Nov 2011, 19:41 by Nick Hennegan

A new fundraiser, combining theatre, arts and pubs. What a Maverick combination! The London Literary Pub tour is a great way to soak up the atmosphere and characters of creative London. See for more details.

Maverick Pub Theatre to return - The Second Fringe

posted 21 Oct 2011, 02:03 by Nick Hennegan

We are planning a return to Pub Theatre - this time in London, at the George lV Pub, Chiswick. Subject to funding, we'll be visiting other parts of London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Radio on-line starts this Sunday 16th

posted 15 Oct 2011, 05:18 by Nick Hennegan

See for details.

PALS Paused!

posted 27 Sept 2011, 15:28 by Nick Hennegan

Due to funding shortfalls, PALS has been postponed until 1 March 2012 at the Compass Theatre, London. Tickets are transferrable. 

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