Digital Projects

Maverick strives to increase the experience and involvement of audiences to the arts. Our theatre productions are now being complemented by other performances and experiences using digital delivery platforms.
Subject to funding, we intended to start live, interactive TV programmes.  But now we have Periscope and Facebook Live!

Artistic Director Nick Hennegan presents 'Literary London' every Friday 7- 8pm on Resonance 104.4FM.

Our podcasts are online at

We are currently working on an interactive project about Fleet Street in London.

We have a number of other audio projects at the planning stage.

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Maverick Radio on-line
will return in 2017.

Previous shows...

Maverick presents

Beats From The Streets
 a musical ride through popular culture.

There were three Beats. They happened on 16th, 23rd & 30th October 2011

from 3 - 5pm.

Handsworth Evolution

A three-part documentary by radio legend Robin Valk on the people of Handsworth, Birmingham, and how their music rocked around the world. It includes stories of Andy Hamilton, The Spencer Davies Group, Steve Winwood, Steel Pulse, UB40 and Errol Flynn amongst others!


Inner City Inspiration

Former BRMB child presenter Anisa Tabor reminisces about the music of her youth growing up in Aston, Birmingham in the 1980's.


Your Shout

Requests and dedications. Tell us about the music that was special to you growing up. Email

We had hundreds of impressions from around the world on our first internet radio broadcast on Valentines Day and some remarkable stories. A young brother and sister performed a new song they’d written for their recently deceased father. We heard of the elderly couple who nearly missed each other after the war due to Winston Churchill! And the 14 year old friends who lost touch for 30 years and are now married and living in the USA.

After our St Valentines day broadcast, we returned to celebrate the regional days of St Patrick and St George. And Shakespeare’s birthday.

Shakespeare’s birthday saw contributions from Martin Shaw, Joanna Lumley, Alison Steadman, Brian Cox, Sir Derek Jacobi, Samantha Morton and a host of other stars. The usual love songs and dedications featured, but with an ‘English’ theme, including some iconic English sporting songs! We played some famous film Shakespeare music too. 

We are planning further productions, including a series of new, short plays set around London Underground.